Trichlor Tabs – Trichloroisocyanuric Acid

Available Cl
Molar mass
CYA/kg(62%)/ 50kL
Cl/kg(62%)/ 50kL
Chlorine tabs are primarily used to maintain chlorine levels. They dissolve slowly over time and slowly introduce chlorine in to your pool. Trichlor, as oposed to other varieties, is the only type of chlorine that reduces the overall ph of your pool water as it has a very low ph. This means that you may find the need to raise your ph using ph up products such as sodium bicarbonate (buffer) or sodium carbonate (soda ash). Trichlor also has a massive 90% of available chlorine and so not very much is needed.

Trichlor contains a high (not as high as Dichlor) concentration of sunblock (Cyanuric Acid – CYA) at 0.7ppm for every 1.0ppm of chlorine introduced in to the pool. Whilst this can be a great thing and help prevent chlorine loss from ultraviolet light, if the sunblock levels get too high, the chlorine will become saturated and no longer be readily available to combat bacteria in the water and prevent your pool from turning green.

Similarly to granular chlorine, if chlorine tabs come in to direct contact with pool surfaces they can cause damage. In particular, high concentrations of chlorine in contact with vinyl pool surfaces causes disfiguration and discoloration. Tabs are best used either in a floating dispensor or in a plumbed in chlorine tab container.

Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Structure

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