I keep adding chlorine to my pool, but it never seems to get clear! What could be the problem?


Before trying or testing anything, make sure your filter is clean. If your pool filter is dirty, taking further action on trying to clear up your pool may very well be pointless.

Fact is, chlorine is not the only important chemical in your pool. There are many reasons why a pool can become dirty, green or cloudy. My first suggestion would be to check your pools Ph level. Ideally your pool should have a Ph level of about 7.6. The higher the Ph level in your pool, the less effective the chlorine becomes. Vice versa, the lower the Ph gets, the more effective your chlorine will become. But don’t take it too far! If your Ph gets too far below 7.6 the water becomes very acidic and begins to break down other important chemicals like calcium and chlorine itself, not to mention the damage you can do to the pool walls.

If you do test your Ph and find that it is at a reasonable level, say between 7.4 and 7.8, and still seem to be unable to clear up your pool, there are still many steps that can be taken. Next I would suggest to try a flock. Flocks come in different forms, but essentially work by either dropping any unwanted materials in your water to the bottom of the pool (in which case the system will need to be turned off after the flock is introduced to the water to allow the unwanted material to settle to the bottom) such that they can be vacuumed up, or by slightly clogging up the pool filter and allowing it to capture more of the finer particles that may be getting through and remaining in the water keeping it cloudy.

If after all this, you still can’t seem to clear up your water. Give me a call and I will attend to your pool as soon as possible.

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