What is TDS? And What Does It Mean For My Pool?

What is and what causes TDS
TDS is an acronym for ???total dissolved solids??? and is a measure of all the soluble solids that have accumulated in your pools water. These solids can come from anywhere. For example the additives in the everyday pool chemicals being used, debris introduced by swimmers, products used in the adjacent garden that blow or wash in to the water and many many other sources.

How does TDS effect my pool?
No matter how well you maintain your pools chemistry, you will accumulate TDS, and eventually it will cause problems.

The common symptoms and issues arising from high TDS are:

  • Cloudy water;
  • Scaling;
  • Inability for chlorine to perform;
  • Staining;
  • High water hardness; and
  • Increased algae growth.

How do I treat TDS?
Unfortunately, there is no chemical solution for TDS. The only solution is to drain part or all of the pool water and restart fresh. It is recommended that all pools be drained and refilled with fresh water every 5 to 7 years, however I do prefer to leave it as long as reasonably possible. Draining pools, depending on the type and quality of pool build does come with its risks.

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